Feature Requests

Got a great idea for a feature you would like to see in Sequel Pro? Please check this page and the issue tracker to ensure that someone hasn't already requested it. Otherwise, you can contact us by email and let us know about your great idea.

We have listed below all of the requests for features in future versions of Sequel Pro that we have received.

Got a great feature you want added to Sequel Pro?

Check out the long list of features below to see if your feature request isn't already in the pipeline. Also ensure that there isn't an outstanding ticket for your feature on the issue tracker. If you think your request is unlisted, send an email to sequelpro@northofthree.com with your awesome idea.

Request Lists

Most Requested Features

  1. Support for PostgreSQL
  2. Support for SQLite

MySQL Feature Implementation

Other Feature Requests

  • Copy/Paste for spreadsheet data in browse mode
  • Database and Table data synchronization
  • Support for re-ordering columns when editing a table
  • Ability to filter Databases (similar to PHPMyAdmin)
  • Localisation - French, German (see Localization)
  • Make Table Names expandable so you can see Column names
  • Copy the names of tables by selecting them from the left panel (for pasting into the SQL Window)
  • Use Cocoa Date Selector for Date/Datetime fields