Hello, this is Sequel Pro 1.0

January 29th, 2013


Today we are pleased to announce the release of Sequel Pro 1.0. With this new release comes a beautiful new icon, courtesy of Kenichi and the guys at Panic. We think the new icon is fantastic!

Please download this delicious new version of Sequel Pro, have a taste and tell us what you think. We’re excited to hear from you!

If you use Sequel Pro on a regular basis, please consider donating $10 or $20 to the project.

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Please note that we’ve changed how Sequel Pro is signed to add Gatekeeper compatibility.  You will have to allow Sequel Pro access to your Keychain passwords for your favorites when prompted.

All the new goodies!!
  • Much more intuitive favourites handling and editing on the connection screen, now with folders and inline saving/connection testing
  • Swedish, French and Japanese localisations
  • New Quick Connect feature on connection screen.
  • Much improved connection stability and handling
  • More speed improvements and new goodies for you to discover. Read the full release notes for all the spoilers!
  • Lots of retina icon goodness!

If you find any bugs, please add them to our issue tracker.



Keep up the good work :) 1.0 is awesome


I think the icon would look better without the honey/butter , not sure how it relates to the product.

Matt L

@matt If there wasn’t any honey/butter it would be just like every other ’stack of disks’ icon. And that would just be boring..


I’m lovin it! Good job guys!!


Yeeeaaahh! Thanks for this very good project.


Love the upgrade!

Would it be possible to add multiple filters to the content panel in a future update? I know we can write a query but sometimes it’s nice to just want to search for multiple filters. :)


Hi Todd,

We’ll absolutely work on that, and hopefully quite soon now! For the meantime, have you seen the advanced filter table? It’s a bit more power-user, but does work quite well; David Carr has done a little post on them recently: http://www.daveismyname.com/development/use-advanced-filters-in-sequel-pro/ .


I love your new icon. I love the new improvments.
Best Mysql client ever :)


I love Sequel Pro.

Thanks for the hard work and for not dropping support for us on 10.6.


Thanks Rowan for the mention, will have to download version 1, btw love the new icon it looks great!


First off the icon is very not pro and it only runs on frickin Macs… fail :P

James Van Dyke

Awesome work, guys. I love the icon too! I wish GUIs for other DBs could be so good.


Congrats guys!


Congrats to version 1.0. I love Sequel Pro. Will donate for it now. Thanks and keep up the good work!

John B

Sequel Pro is awesome! I second Todd’s request for multi-field filters. For the GUI, something like “auto filter” in Excel – the way it worked before the awful 2011 version. I have tried CMD-F filtering, and that’s OK for now.

Simon Laudati

After the update I can’t open it. It crashes immediately.
I had to rollback to the 0.9.9.
Mac Book Pro 15” Retina Mountain Lion
Hope to get this bug fixed so I can upgrade, I’m a huge fan of SequelPro for its great speed!



Sequel Pro is the #1 reason to develop on a mac even if you use a cross-platform text editor like VIM or ST2.

Now that 1.0 is out…. how long before postgres/sqlite or mutli-filter work? ;)


Simon and anyone else running into this issue: a few people are having crashes in the favourites upgrade routine, we should have a minor 1.0.1 update out soon to address this. Sorry about this…


“Swedish, French and Japanese localisations” — because nobody speaks spanish in this planet. Nice update tho ;)


@Sebastian – There might be a follow-up post about our localisation at some point. Basically, we wrote a platform to easily group-localise content, but volunteers for different languages have got to rather different points – see http://dev.sequelpro.com/translate/ and http://dev.sequelpro.com/translate/languages . We’d love to have more people contributing translations, but please note it does take quite some time!


[...] liebstes MySQL-Programm hat endlich die Version 1.0 erreicht. Wer das Programm noch nicht ausprobiert hat, sollte das dringend [...]


Greatest product ever. I use it so much I just made a donation.

I must admit however that I prefer the old icon with the dolphin. But it really doesn’t matter that much.

Keep up the good work!



Excellent software, love it!


crashes and now .991 wont even work either!

Help please!


Can’t imagine doing my DB related tasks without using SequelPro!
Nice works, guys!


Crashing for me too! Can’t do any work today… :(


For those running into crashes on startup, we’re sorry: we’ve released 1.0.1 to address a problem we found that will be affecting some people. It’s available directly from http://code.google.com/p/sequel-pro/downloads/detail?name=sequel-pro-1.0.1.dmg .


Thank you! All good here! :D


The previous icon was much better and more relevant in terms of imagery (tools to manage your db). The new concept is too “childish” and belongs in the kitchen. By childish I mean that working as a professional using sequel pro, people see in my screenshot a pile of pancakes.

- Previous icon
- A variation on the tool / cylinder icon. Could be a wrench painted over the cylinder, etc.


Great work, I use it every day.


Awesome work. Thanks Guys.
The new icon makes me hungry…. I grave Pancakes…. hmmm…. with honey.

Alon Pe'er

Congratulations!!! I’ve been waiting for v1 since FOREVER :)
You guys are awesome.


Hi Guys, really thanks for all the really good new feature !
Sequel Pro is the best app for managing SQL data i never seen.
Congratulations !


I just want to say that I like the new icon. A pat of butter is a better accompaniment to a cylinder of disks than generic wrench and screwdriver tools. The only better accompaniment would be some tool that actually did what querying and editing databases does – but there isn’t such a tool, really. So, given that you want a cylinder with something, the butter is a cute idea, is drawn prettily, and makes the icon colorful and recognizeable.

Phil Rennie

Congrats on turning 1.0, I always point this out to people as an example of how to do everything as close to right as possible, not just the app but the attitude of the whole project.

I have a question about a point in the release notes though, “This is the last build that will support Leopard”.

Does this mean just plain old Leopard or Snow Leopard as well?


Love the icon. This app is so incredible. Thank you so much.

Adam F

Congrats on hitting 1.0! This is one of my favourite apps. Love the new icon!


@Phil Rennie: This means just plain old Leopard; the next release will require Snow Leopard or greater. (In practice, we’ll probably release another 1.0.x release or two on the old code branch, so 10.5 will see one or two more fixes)

Lasse Munk

Thank you, for a fantastic app! Can’t wait to try the new connection handling.


I love the icon, I love Sequel Pro. I feel that 1.0 is slower than previous versions. Navigation through tables, sorting etc. was faster before. Is it just me? (I’m on iMac 2.7 GHz i5, 8GB RAM)


love the app!

Eric Jacobsen

I don’t understand the new icon at all.


@Michu: There should be speed *improvements*! Things like sorting are really handled server-side (although fetching & displaying of results are all in Sequel Pro, and can slow things down – but if you’re seeing a spinner before any results, that’s server-side). It is rather hard to bench this against live servers.

@Eric Jacobsen: Think pancakes. (It does seem not all countries know pancakes quite like this! The UK only knows them recently from the US, and not generally with butter as well as syrup…)


Congratulations to the team behind Sequel Pro! It’s a brilliant and absolutely essential developer tool.

To the icon whingers – it looks fab and if you don’t like it, you’re not a very interesting person!


Hey, great! thanks and congrats. There´s a feature I will love you to implement. Store Procedure Editing.

Thanks and keep up the good work!



Would love the option to change back to the old icon, it seems very misplaced with an otherwise very professional product.


Thanks a lot guys.
You make my life better, :D

The icon is beautiful, congratulations!!!


For those who don’t like the new icon: I’m afraid we do rather like it :) However, you should be able to change your local icon pretty easily by doing a Get Info in the Finder, clicking on the icon there, and pasting another icon over it. The old icon is available on an old release on our Release Archive page – http://www.sequelpro.com/release-archive .


Congrats for hitting 1.0!

The new icon looks very tasty… no, it actually looks yummy ;-)

I like how it looks – but I like it even more after I learned that its supposed to remind me of pancakes. ;-)


Congratulations for going 1.0 and many thanks for providing this great tool!


makes data wrangling more delicious.


I don’t particularly love the icon (the other one looked more professional and related to the product), but I absolutely love your software!

It’s surely the best db client out there, and it’s just amazing that is free, too.

Keep up the awesome work and congrats for reaching 1.0!


Great job! Looks charming!


Great product, but sinds the last update crashes a lot. Also, I cannot connect to the same database (through a SSH connection) twice. It only allows one connection at the time. And when sequel crashes, the connection is not closed, so I have to wait till the connection closes in the background before I can connect again.

Note: the bug is with all the mysql through SSH connections and heard this from more people in our team I am afraid.


Will you post it on the Appstore? The license says anyone can sell it, just wait for a copy-cat to do so.


Awesome! The best SQL Client for Mac and reached 1.0! And the icon is awesome!


I like the updates but I like the old icon better. I pulled it off of the version prior update and put it onto this one. The icon would have made more sense if this was called Pancake.


Thanks you so much for keeping this alive and well. Me and my team are very grateful for your work. EVERYONE – please make a donation and support this wonderful software.


I’ve been using the app for as long as I can remember and I love it but I hate this new icon so much that I don’t ever want to see it in my dock.


Great update and new icon. Love how a company can be fun and still put out a quality business product. Don’t listen to those trying to get the old icon back, keep true to who you are.. (super cool). If users are worried about pancakes in their screenshots, oh well, have fun explaining the Gimp or Adium icon. BTW in my eyes its not honey it’s maple syrup.


I love the update but to I would vote to have a different icon.


unable to open multiple connections (new tab or window) . “No connection available. An error has occured and there doesn’t seem to be a connection available.” This is when connecting via ssh


Really good job guys !

I’m really poor right now but next month I’ll donate 15$, I promise !


Congratulations on reaching 1.0! I’ve been using SP since early days, and would really like to see something as simple and functional on Windows some day.

The icon is a sticking point for me, so thanks to rowan for the workaround tip to get the old one back. My thoughts:

- The pre-1.0 icon was a fantastic metaphor for what Sequel Pro actually does. Simple features like the near-italic angle of the spanner emphasise the speed, robustness and efficiency of the product. And yes, SP literally is a Database Toolbox! Bottom line: excellent metaphor, so SP does exactly what it says on the tin.
- I concur with Serge’s comment about professional image. I’ve already had a confused client ask me about the new SP icon!
- As a European, I can’t quite establish what the new icon is trying to tell me. Why? Because it’s not a universal metaphor. In other words, it does not mean the same thing to everyone around the world. I think the icon will make less sense to people outside North America, because it relies on what I understand to be a predominantly North American cultural metaphor of syrup and butter-soaked stacked pancakes.
Look at Coda: a dew-soaked leaf, universally decodeable as “fresh”. Or Transmit: a van (definitely universal!), and vans always “move things”. Not all app icons try to be a metaphor (e.g. most Adobe apps), but if you do go for a metaphor-based icon, it should be as universally-understandable as possible.

Anyway, congrats again. It’s taken a while to get here, and I hope to see SP become even greater in the years to come.


I’m the only one thinking the new icon incredibly sucks?
took minutes figuring out what the hell.. oil spilling on top of a bar of soap?
butter melting?

btw, the software is GREAT :)
just, change that icon pls..


Since updating to 1.0 I can’t open more than one connection to the database I’m using. Is there an alternative way to open extra windows?


Hey guys !

Thanks for the latest release and keep up the good work.
And by the way, IMHO Sequel pro is the best tool ever to deal with MySQL DBs.
Thanks again !




Since the update I also, (and other people on my team) cannot open multiple SSH connections at once. After you have opened one window, when you try to connect over SSH again the following error comes up (it seems to be trying to connect to ?? :

Unable to connect to host , or the request timed out.

Be sure that the address is correct and that you have the necessary privileges, or try increasing the connection timeout (currently 10 seconds).

MySQL said: Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘′ (61)


Folders for favourites! I love you!

… although I have to agree with Rus on the new icon.


thanks for update, I knew something good is sequelling :) Good job guys, really appreciate that, I am considering donating every year, you deserve it.


I can’t figure out how to get the new version (love it) to save passwords in the keychain.


Really cool … looking forward to test the new goodies.:)


Good work, thank you for the french localization and Retina !


Can you change the icon back to previous version. I often cannot find the app on launchpad due to this new icon. Let alone it looks disgusting and ugly.


Your work is nothing but amazing!


Congratulations! SP is the best desktop or web sql client I have ever used.


[...] Lambang aplikasi juga berubah menjadi lebih lezat berkat desain dari tim Panic, pengembang aplikasi Transmit. Kamu bisa menggunakan Sequel Pro secara gratis. Bagi pengguna yang menggunakan Sequel Pro secara rutin, donasi sebesar $10 akan membantu pengembangan Sequel Pro ke depannya. Source:Sequel Pro Blog [...]

Luke J Osborne

A fantastic application which allows me to easily manage MySQL databases for my clients.

Keep up the good work guys!

G Cid

Hello guys, I was so excited about the new version that I decide to donate 15 , the problem is that I dont live in Australia and in paypal is asking me for a valid Australia address… please check it because I’m sure a lot of people would love to contribute a little (I know 15 is not that much) Thanks a lot for this project is amazing.


Since updating to 1.0 I cannot open more than one session. Most of the staff on my team are having the same issue and are now having to move away from Sequel Pro to an alternative. Please get this fixed ASAP!!!


Thanks for the release ;-) As for the icon: It’s not that I hate it. I just don’t get it. I actually came to this page to find out what it means.

So now, my vague impression is that it’s kind of a stack of disk-pancakes with butter on top.

I don’t really know why you think your software resembles a stack of pancakes, but hey…


@G Cid – We have had a number of donations from countries besides Australia. If there’s a problem with the donation form unfortunately we can’t really help and it’s a fault on PayPal’s end. Perhaps try another browser? that has helped some folks in the past who have had problems with PayPal.


Thank you very much for new version.

Ignacio Esviza

Congratulations for a hard work with excellents results.

- Provide a database view, where we can see how many tables, and drop tables, size of tables, etc
- Provide spanish translation.

Nacho Esviza
Buenos Aires

Ignacio Esviza

btw… the icon is nice and is perfect. It gives SP an original touch from the authors. Not everything in life is “material” and a “must-to-look-professional”.

Is not the SP icon that will make you look as a professional. Is your talent.

Kyle Ledbetter

Love the new icon (makes me want to lick my screen), love the updates. Thanks so much guys

Mike Grace

Loving it! Thanks for the great update.


Guys, You are awesome!! Thank’s for all the hard work!


To all those complaining about the “old” icon, you obviously don’t remember (or haven’t been around long enough to see) the REAL original icon, the stack of metal plates with the dolphin. As far as I’m aware, the dolphin belonged to MySQL and had to go, so we got that ugly toilet paper roll instead.

This new icon takes the generic stack of metal plates from the original icon, and turns it into a delightfully-quirky stack of pancakes! I think it’s a wonderful new design! Panic sure knows how to make an icon look good.

If you’re complaining about metaphors (Rus, et al.), an icon that says “enjoy using your databases as much as you enjoy pancakes” is a WHOLE lot better than a toilet paper roll with two generic tools sticking out of it.


Crying every day because of lack of Postgres support :-(


What a nice update!

And SequelPro finally gets the great icon it deserves :-)

You could easily charge for this App (and get it into the AppStore).
I would definitely pay ~50$ for it, maybe even more if it would support SQLite and PostgreSQL too.

Joel Sager

Love the new version, All our Devs call it data cakes now :)


Guys – awesome job on the release – thank you all for your efforts! Contributions coming very soon!


In query editor, allow us to create groups of SQL pleasee. I have 100’s of favourites


Finally an update!

However, I like the old icon better than the new one. This one looks less professional.

Still, thank you for making one of the best SQL clients available to us.
Keep up the good work!


I’m using the nightly builds and have it set to update weekly. Every week the update notification pops up my fingers are crossed as I read the change log for Postgres support. Some day … right?


Congratulations with long-awaited 1.0 release!

Why new icon not in nightly builds?


When I saw the new icon for the first time I laughed cos I thought it is a nice way how to communicate an error which the application encountered. There is a Slovak/Czech idiom literally translated as “to have butter on your head” or, as the English say –to have egg on your face. The meaning of this idiom is “to be guilty” or “to be responsible”. :-)



Please change the Pancake icon. I am gluten intolerant. And they look delicious and it’s just cruel to have to look at it everyday. Other than that, excellent software. Thanks


Superb! :D waiting for Postgres too :(


Hey, the product is really good and I couldn’t work without it, thank you very much for this!
… but PLEASE remove the butter on the icon. We all think it’s ugly in my company and I personally think it is of very bad taste.


lol at all those who hate the new icon. I hope you keep it guys. It’s being placed next to the panic truck.

As a ‘professional’ you should be quite capable of picking out an icon you do like and applying it yourself. I personally enjoy it and would hate to have a system filled with the same old boring look/feel. To the person annoyed it isn’t professional in your screenshots. Try taking better screenshots without your dock in it, your clients will thank you.

Just be thankful you are not required to purchase it rather than complain. I would hate to work with any of you complainers btw. ;) (you probably feel the same)


Installed this a few weeks ago and have been loving it. Before that was using navicat, but the trial ran out and said, “Meh, need alternative”

Now whenever I need to pop into a database I say, “Where is my pancakes!” Mmmm pancakes.


Its really useful tool.
I love using it on my mac. Any plan for windows version?


I want to say — I love the new icon too. It makes me smile absolutely every time I see it. It’s a strange experience, smiling when I have to muck with the internals of the database… :D If you guys had a Linux port, I’d happily use Sequel Pro for everything, but even just for my Mac work it is the best. :)

Josh Nankivel

No search functionality on sequalpro.com – even for help and documentation = FAIL.


Hi, I’m just arrived on osx from windows and must say I’m loving. But when it comes to database development, looks like there are no serious IDE around to make a pick. I’m trying your app, and despite the great job that is to put such amount of work running, and I truly respect that, I cant see myself using it as it is right now. The very basics, like procedures, drag’n'drop relationship creation on design view to name a few are missing. One good example of a work well done: dbforge mysql. It would be worthy to get some inspiration from them, as it looks like yours is one of the best so far I found on OSX. If you guys manage to get your app at professional level, well, I say you have a huge potential… And, besides anything, thanks for your hard work. =]

Elijah Lynn

Are there any plans of Sequel Pro for Ubuntu (GNU/Linux)?



Evin Weissenberg

Overall great application. Maybe there is support for this but, had issue importing MSSQL true false boolean into mysql int type.

Duy Dang

Thank you so much for this awesome software. It makes my work faster and more efficient. Keep it up ;)


Sequel is amazing ! Thank you very much for your work !

Daniel Davidson

Awesome application, great project. I am moving to Linux full-time and this will be by far one of my most missed Mac exclusive software, perhaps one day a port to Linux ;) ? Anyway just wanted to say thanks to the developers for a great piece of software.


Plz add retina display support.


Come on guys, what the FREAK is with the pancakes? Does nobody know?

Chris Irish

Any chance of an alpha version with PostgreSQL support yet? :-D

Ricardo Pascua

I love this app very much if you do port this on linux i’ll be willing to donate more :) hoping to see you on ubuntu guys


Hey Matt–
Honey/Butter? Pancakes & syrup…get on board.

I think the icon would look better without the honey/butter , not sure how it relates to the product.


It’s Powerfull.
Thanks very much.


Would love to see this on debian. Love it so much and I miss it a lot when I have to use my linux systems. I would gladly pay for a copy of that.


hello this is un awesome application. but i think it is better if we have MultiFilter in search table and Search on hole database, export database to another database (dev to production) look like heidisql on windows. i think developer use it daidly.
thanks for this great tool


Linux please, started using mac in work and this has become a priceless tool. For anyone else looking for a linux type port – dbeaver looks best (based on this article: http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/linux-and-open-source/two-features-of-dbeaver-that-every-database-manager-should-know/# .)

Ted Wood

Thank you so much of your great work on this application.


Please, please, please! Make a linux port. I have a Mac for portable work, but do much of my day-to-day on linux. The options available on linux are atrocious!

I will donate if you port to linux.

Deryk Wenaus

great software. thanks! I would pay for postgres support.


Damn, still waiting for postgres support xD
(or at least just update)


Before I can double click on cell to edit value then enter to save.

Now I double-click it shows a popup, I edit value, hit enter, then the value in cell is changed, I have to hit enter again. It’s very slow that way.

How can I bring back the function of editing value directly on table?

Thank you!

Jamie Hill

How is the PostgreSQL support coming along?

Buddy Guyman

Love the new Icon! Been loving the software, will donate when I get some more funds.

Vlad Fratila

Hey guys! Loving this tool from day one. Any plans to support PostgreSQL? I’d pay good money for that!

Paul Brady

How do I compare changes to a database table or record and display that with your tool? I love it by the way!



thanks for the update!

why unsigned or tinyint is lowercas in dumped sql?
although other sql keywords are uppercase


Is this still being worked on?



Waiting for Postgres support much!

Daniel Neves

Hello! I love this application, is still in development or you’ve decided to stop?

I still think it needs some UI improvement, otherwise I would pay for the app for sure.

The best I’ve used for DB Management.


+1 for a Linux port!


[...] – ge­fällt mir per­sön­lich besser, als immer den Weg über das Web­panel zu gehen. (via) 1 1 [...]


Hey guys, I really love Sequel Pro. I’m joining the choir and ask for PosgreSQL support. The psql clients out there (for OS X at least) are just painful.
Thanks, and keep it up!


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