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September 4th, 2011

It’s been a short 2 months since our 0.9.9 release with 75,000 copies downloaded to your docks and we already have more goodies to share. This bugfix release  gives us a chance to sort out some of the most reported bugs from our users. We also snuck in the new Lion fullscreen feature and polished up a few rough edges that showed up on Lion machines. Enjoy!!

If to encounter any bugs check the issue tracker first, and report anything new you find. Any questions can be posted to Google Groups.

If you happen to encounter any bugs check the issue tracker first, and report anything new you find. Any questions can be posted to Google Groups.

If you use Sequel Pro on a regular basis, please consider donating $10 or $20 to the project.

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Sam Parmenter

Just trying this out for the first time since querious became un-usable with lion. Will be more than happy to donate if this is as good as querious.

Jorge Garifuna

This is a great product. I’ve been using it for over 2 years and I’m very happy with it.

One feature I would like to recommend is the ability to copy tables from one database to another within the app like SQLYog.

The current process (as far as I know) to transfer tables from one database to another is:
1. export tables to a SQL file on the file system
2. import tables from a SQL file in the file system to the new database

What I’m proposing is:
1. Select tables and database to copy to and have the app perform the copy to the new database.

Avery Wu


I am upgrade to Sequel Pro when updated. I can’t change ‘View Using Encoding’ Option from Database menu item.

Version : Sequel Pro
OS: Snow Leopard 10.6.8 On iMac C2D 2.4GHz with 4G RAM

I think I should report this problem to you.
I very like this application. thank you very much and sorry my poor English.


MIke Potter

This really is a great product, thanks for all your hard work.

For some reason I seem to have lost the ability to do inline editing on my tables after updating. I’m not sure if its related to this release or not, but I’d love to get it back. Any suggestions/



Chris Andersen

Couldn’t connect to my database.
Error: I should extend the timeout time of 10 secs.
…just haven’t found yet where in Sequel Pro I should extend these 10 seconds



Just tried it out and found that it doesn’t support opening .db files. It would be nice if you added that capability.


Really like the update. Is there any status on being able to edit stored procedures/functions yet? That would be great!

Andre A.

Thank you very much indeed for such a great product!


just changed from navicat to sequel! why didn’t I find out about this application before. keep up the good work.

Bill Gardner

Really like this product, and thank you for your work.

Unfortunately… I need to import really large text files. Frequently. And your import function seems very slow compared to Navicat. Kind of a killer for me. I gather that a big upgrade is in the works, but not sure I can wait.

Zeeshan Ahmad

I’d really like create and alter table graphical interface feature in next version.

Dave B

No, seriously, it is. When in full screen mode, it is WAY too far away from everything else. It should be on the left, near where you’re interacting with the text, like the submit button of the comment form or placed on top of the SQL editor and on the left ala MySQL Workbench.


Using this product for a long time and I’m very satisfied. Recently (probably because of Lion) it keeps crashing. After some while (10 sec to 2 minutes), when I don’t use the app it displays an error message with options Reconnect and some other, but it won’t reconnect any more and the app crashes. I’ve recently sent several reports via standardize crash report. Hope it will be fixed soon :) Thanks.


Amazing as always! Is supporting PostgreSQL still on the roadmap?


The new Coda 2 has a MySQL viewer/editor that looks suspiciously similar…was this a collaboration?


Does this have APIs to work with a remote MySQL database from iOS application?

Zeeshan Ahmad

When is the next version coming?


Great tool!


This really is a awesome product, thanks for all your hard work.
Waiting for the next version.


I also would love to know when 1.0 is coming out. I love this tool so much, and use it every day in my work. I would love to see simple enhancements to make working with databases with large numbers of tables easier, like a way to define groups of tables in the left sidebar.

Christopher Braun

This is an awesome product, but it seems like development has stopped. Can you provide your community with an update on the state of this project? Thank you.

Paolo Carpi

This application is awesome and solved many issues and slowness we had in the past with other db managers (phpmyadmin)

But please, don’t stop development!


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