Sequel Pro 0.9.8 (Updated)

May 5th, 2010

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In the 5 months that have passed since we shipped our last release we’ve had more than 70,000 downloads of Sequel Pro! Thats a personal best for us (by more than 12,000).

We would like to give our wonderful developers a pat on the back (and a high five) and a thank you to you especially, the users, for downloading and telling your friends how great you think Sequel Pro is!

While we’re in a party mood, we are happy to announce the release of Sequel Pro 0.9.8!

Take a look at this list, there’s something here for everyone:

  • User Management
  • 64 bit Build
  • Table triggers support
  • Custom query:
  • - placeholder support including lists
  • - text macros and tab triggers
  • Improved autocomplete (including table and field names)
  • Overhauled CSV mapping interface including defaults and updates
  • Improved printing support
  • Stability++
  • New crash reporter for you to help us make finding bugs easier!

Read the full release notes for a more detailed list of changes.

If you happen to encounter any bugs check the issue tracker first, and report anything new you find. Any questions can be posted to Google Groups.

If you use Sequel Pro on a regular basis, please consider donating $10 or $20 to the project.

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Artem Nezvigin

You guys are my heros. Donation coming.


Thank you for this wonderful software. Keep up the good work!


You guys are awesome. I’ll send a donation your way once my current project goes live. Your efforts have saved me a load of time :D

Maximilian Schulz

Great update, especially the user management!

Karol Podkowski

Thanks a lot! Hopefully this version will crash much less with huge tables :)

Joel Calado

Top notch software, now with 50% more awesome.

Thanks guys!

Lisandro Grassini

Congrats Guys!!… Really an excellent work…
Thank you!!.


Great Work, Dudes


well good!


Awesome update!! The disconnect or “hang” seems to be fixed and that makes me so happy. I love Sequel pro and have been loyal ever since it was cocoasql. Thank you so much.


Thanks so much guys — awesome software. Awesome that it’s free. A donation is coming your way.


Great work. Been waiting for user modification for a while. Donation is coming your way.


User management?!?! woot sweet thanks guys :)



This is the best DBA tool for OSX, beats Querious by a mile


Best MySQL OSX application hands down.



Juhan K

Any chance of PostgreSQL support?


Seems to not connect to my 5.1.42 production database now. Will connect to dev database on same machine. Maybe it’s a change that effects multiple connections? mysql command line shows it fine.


@Nick Hm, connection support shouldn’t have changed; could you possibly drop us more details or file a bug?

@Juhan K: This is on the roadmap, but after 1.0. Hang in there!


As usual: AMAZING. Great new set of features. I love the new user editing view. Sequel Pro is really the main reason I haven’t migrated to Postgres yet!


you are great! very good job, I love it :-)


Seems to not connect to my 5.1.42 production database now. Will connect to dev database on same machine. Maybe it’s a change that effects multiple connections? mysql command line shows it fine.


[...] sequel-pro-0-9-8 [...]


Sorry to drop it here…
But your website is about impossible to view through safari.
I arrived here in the end though the google cache and hope this submit button still functions…

Good luck to the webmaster ;)


[...] New version of Sequel Pro was released. [...]

Alec Smythe

This is one fantastic time saver. I made a donation about a week ago, and I am LOVING this tool. No more myPHPAdmin for me. Sequel Pro is just a pleasure to work with. I find it responsive, intuitive, easy to use, fast. Has made my day just about every day this month.



@Wouter: Looks fine to me…


+1 for PostgreSQL support


it´s a fantastic tool and withal it looks fresher than FMP or Panorama. It definitely will grow to standard must have on a Mac, if with extensive AppleScript support.


I love this software.

+1 for PostgresSQL


Postgres please.


I’d love to have PostgreSQL support. And all my friends would, too.

Ben Keating

+1 for PostgreSQL support!

Chris Your

+1 for PostgreSQL.


+100 on PostgreSQL


+1 for PostgreSQL.


Shut up and take my money if there’s PostgreSQL and SQLite support.


+1 for PosgreSQL.


I’m considering switching to PostgreSQL for my next projets, but Sequel Pro is so good that I wouldn’t go back to web-based administration.

Diego Massanti

+1 for PostgreSQL support too! This is probably the best SQL client on the Mac, having PG support would make it just perfect.


I’ve used Sequel Pro for years and my company is a regular $ supporter because Sequel Pro saves us money. A PostgreSQL implementation would be equally beneficial and we’d be willing to provide additional monetary support for this capability.

Ryan L. Cross

PostgreSQL support. PLEASE! I love your Sequel Pro but have been using PostgreSQL for the transactions lately. I would pay for your app if it had support for PostgreSQL.


+1 for PostgreSQL


+1 for PostgreSQL as well.


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