Sequel Pro 0.9.8 Release Candidate (Updated)

April 4th, 2010

Today we are offering a new release candidate of our next version of Sequel Pro 0.9.8.

Download a copy of the app, test and report any bugs you find. Please focus your testing on the following new features:

  • User management
  • Table triggers support
  • Custom query placeholder support including lists, custom query text macros and tab triggers
  • Improved custom query autocomplete including table and field names
  • Overhauled CSV mapping interface including defaults and updates
  • Improved printing support
  • Greatly improved stability
  • New crash reporter


Sequel Pro is now a full 64 bit build.

Check the issue tracker and report any new bugs you find in this release.

Any questions can be posted to Google Groups.

Update: We’ve fixed over 20 issues thanks to your testing – Release Candidate 2 is now available and is linked below.

Download 0.9.8 Release Candidate 2Full Release Notes


Tomas Markauskas

This is great news, thank you!


Great, will try it out :)

Keep up the good work guys! :)

Rob Wilkerson

Tremendous work. It’s great to see so much activity around this app. Love what you’ve got so far.


The release notes page has the wrong year on it. Not to nit pick – I just want to make sure you don’t scare away someone who might think this project has gone stale (I almost thought so!)


Thanks for the feedback guys!

Brandon: Thanks for spotting this. Have amended the release notes page.


“greatly improved stability” … well, not really. 0.9.7 crashed like … never and 0.9.8 crashes quite often.

But nevertheless. Great app! I don’t know how I could live without it :)


Dominik: it should be far more stable ;) Of course that doesn’t prevent a couple of bugs slipping through – if you’re reporting them via the logger that should pop up after it crashes, we’re much more likely to fix them fast now!

We’ve already fixed a few bugs which will make it into the final – do keep reporting (the biggest is one with old servers – is that what you were running into?)

Shane Stillwell

Just downloaded it and tested it out… works really nice. Thanks for adding user support. This is almost a complete replacement for phpmysqladmin, just need to be able to create views.

I’ve only experienced a few crashes with Sequel Pro, and it’s mostly on importing data. Otherwise it’s quite solid.

Thanks for the great app!

Jérémie Meyer de Ville

User management ? It was the only missing piece. Wonderful :)

Loveable app +1


i noticed only crashes with 0.9.7 sometimes, when “sequel pro” was connected to some remote database server (using ssh tunnel) and my internet-connection went away. great stability! i wonder what you guys would think of an additional tabbed interface. i could have open multiple tables with different queries and fast switch between them … on the other hand i could use “query history” or “query favorites”, but i think a tabbed interface would be cool nevertheless.


[...] manager for Mac OS X since I’m not a big fan of phpMyAdmin and the other tools out there. I came across SequelPro recently and I think it might fit the bill. With it’s beautiful interface, you can [...]


Looks great so far! I think harald may be onto something with a tabbed interface, it’d be especially helpful when I’m working remotely with limited screen real estate.

Great app either way :)


[...] MySQL manager for Mac OS X since I’m not a big fan of phpMyAdmin and the other tools out there. I came across SequelPro recently and I think it might fit the bill. With it’s beautiful interface, you can [...]

Stuart Connolly

@harald @Bill Don’t worry a tabbed interface is definitely on our to do list for the next version :) See:



Great work, guys! You rock. I love the user interface.

Justin Viger



Hi, so can I connect to my sql server databases with this software, or is it just mysql?

Stuart Connolly

@Justin SSL support will be coming, most likely after 1.0. Check out:

@Simon Currently only MySQL is supported, but support for other DBMS is planned. See:


thanks for the reply, have to say this product looks great – great front end, leader of the pack by far

I’m sure its a big undertaking on your part – but do you have a time frame for the sql server support?

many thanks


I have the same problem as Dominik: I have exactly the same number of bugs in the 0.9.8 as in the 0.9.7, i.e. zero.

The biggest problem is that I have to wait for the SQlite management :(

But *very* good work, guys!
Thank you!

Stuart Connolly

Hey Simon,

There is currently no timeline on adding multiple DBMS support, except that it’ll be after version 1.0 is released and to be honest we’re more likely to start working either SQLite or PostgreSQL first as it’s the most requested.

You’re right though, adding this support is a major undertaking that’ll take a while to get right, but we’re committed to getting it done :)



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