Sequel Pro 0.9.6 now available!

August 11th, 2009

Version 0.9.6 is a major upgrade. SSH Tunnel support is now built right in to Sequel Pro. You can now filter long lists of tables and sort/edit your custom query results. We now have built-in foreign key support and have included some significant speed and memory usage improvements.

We have had numerous feature requests coming in via email over the last year, and although we don’t have enough time to respond to each of your feature request emails, we are sure that there  will be quite a few people out there who will be extremely happy with this latest release.

Download Now!Release Notes | New* Keyboard Shortcuts

New Feature Screenshots

Screen shot 2009-08-11 at 11.02.56 PM

SSH Tunnel Support

Screen shot 2009-08-11 at 11.11.31 PM

Foreign Key Support

Foreign Key Support

Foreign Key Support



I just got a Macbook Pro today and thought I couldn’t be happier – but no, SSH support directly in Sequel Pro has indeed done that!

Awesome work chaps.


Thanks for this great app!

James Burton

Thanks for making this great app even greater!

Keep up the good work.


Hey guys, excellent work! Time to now shove it to my Navikak cohorts.


Congratulations! This app is a showcase of how to provide good-looking functionality without overloading the interface with too much distraction.

I am very excited by the emerging support for Stored Procedures and functions. I notice that I cannot yet edit and existing proc, but at least it appears there in the list :)

Interface-wise, the contextual menus are a welcome addition. Ideally, I’d love to be able to start entering a new field definition in the structure view by double-clicking a blank row. that would save me a huge amount of time.

Again, thank you.


I noticed a speed boost straight away, like the clean interface. Fantastic work guys. This is a mac gem.

Georg Ledermann

I’m using the nightly builds, so I’m a happy user of this features for some time past – great work, guys!

Eric Eaglstun

Thank you – another excellent release!


Thank you for a great product, guys!

Your two latest releases (0.9.5, 0.9.6) have made this product a fantastic product to use.


It is kind of bizarre to name this a small incremental release. 0.9.5 -> 0.9.6.


Thanks for the glowing comments guys! The team have done an awesome job putting together this latest release.

Jean-Yves: Have a look at the keyboard shortcuts at

As well as adding new columns/rows to structure/content view with ⌥+⌘+A, you might also like ⇧+⌘+D for jumping straight to a database.

Fredric: Thanks for your thoughts, we have some exciting plans for our version 1.0, including user management and a new app icon. We didn’t feel quite ready for that jump to 1.0 status just yet.


I just updated to the new version and I very pleased with the new changes! Well done team, and keep up the good work!

Lisandro Grassini

Excellent guys!… great work, Congratulations!. Love this application.


Excellent, Excellent! Thank you so much, this is a HUGE time-saver for DB management. Keep up the good work!


Hey – is there a keyboard shortcut to get to the search box in the tables?


Have just upgraded to the 0.9.6 – the new interface is brilliant. Really well laid out chaps & chappets – with ssh support, sequel pro is a mandatory now on my mac. Thanks for the great app!


Great app! Fast, reliable and nice interface. The best around…


[...] Sequel Pro 0.9.6 now available! – Open source MySQL GUI that’s coming along nicely. [...]


Hi Matt,

Thanks for the tip re the keyboard shortcuts. Certainly helps, but I still feel a double click on the row below the current row would be beneficial. Not critical, but nice to have.

With regards future stored proc functionality, I would love a plain editor window, completely free-form, no predefined controls into which the user is forced to enter their params, options etc. Stored procs are essentially programming, so freeform would be best. Like QueryBrowser does it, except without crashing every 20 seconds! If you could add auto-complete and colour syntax highlighting to the PL/MySQL commands (eg cursors, declares etc), that would simply be the cherry on the icing on the delicious cake that is Sequel Pro. Again, not essential as procs/functions could be written in an external editor, and then pasted back into the editor window.

Same with views. No need for anything special, just the ability to create, edit and delete.

Thanks again for this app, it really is outstanding.


Damn guys! Good job on this release. I’m sure there’s going to be a few people with feature request and all, but from where I’m sitting, this is a solid version!

Been following this since day one. Keep up the great work.


So happy to see SSH built in that I had to go donate $20. Thanks, you folks are making a wonderful product.


Have to say that I am amazed and impressed. Thank you guys for such an awesome tool.

I posted you on reddit: so more people can find out how awesome Sequel Pro is.


Sequel Pro – MySQL Manager mit SSH Tunnel für MAC OS X…

Sequel Pro ist ein OpenSource MySQL Management Tool für den MAC, welches einige nützliche Extras, wie das SSH-Tunneling besitzt.
Sequel Pro ist ein sehr hilfreiches Tool für jeden Webentwickler und (Datenbank)Administratoren, die viel mit MySQL Date……

Bart Bons

Thank you! Thank you!!

I just downloaded Sequel Pro and it’s fantastic. I used the old CocoaMySQL for ages (with all the little bugs) and did not know there was a new fork for this project.

The old client software was a nice piece of software, but needed some love and care. I’m sure you guys can improve it to make it the best macosx mysql client there is….

Sequel Pro 0.96 Released

[...] and No one has commented Three months after Sequel Pro 0.95, the open source project team have released 0.96. The updated adds polish to the application, making working with it more and more pleasurable, if [...]


[...] months after Sequel Pro 0.95, the open source project team have released 0.96. The updated adds polish to the application, making working with it more and more pleasurable, if [...]


Nice job! your app has been selected as one of the best app at Congratulations!


[...] open-source project team that released Sequel Pro 0.95 three months ago has just released 0.96. The update adds polish to the application, making working with it more pleasurable — if you [...]


[...] open-source project team that released Sequel Pro 0.95 three months ago has just released 0.96. The update adds polish to the application, making working with it more pleasurable — if you [...]

Gary W.

Great work! Feature request…it would be great if there was a way to assign a name to saved queries. Thanks!


Love this app, thanks and excellent work!


Hi, your app rocks! its so sophisticated and neat. keep up the great work!!

Dirk Einecke

Great application! I love it! I posted a small article in the MAMP blog (sorry … german only):

Sequel Pro works perfectly with MAMP & MAMP PRO. Thank you!


WOW. just installed your app … Its brilliant, thanks a ton !


Your app is great. Using it for some time and I love it.

The new “jump to associated record” feature is awesome.
It would be nice to have a back button.
More over, if you could, somehow, provide a “what links here” functionality (the reverse feature) that would be even more amazing.

Keep up the good work!


how about using drawer interface for case sensitive help content rather than a popup? its kinda annoying to find it pop up and did not know realize until later that I could turn it off in preference. Still, I can imagine using side drawer at times.

great stuff, great job!



hi!.first thanks this software.
she is very nice .. i very like she..
but please devel can create and edit (VIEW,TRIGGER,FUNCTION,PROCEDURE) for gui very thanks.

Stefan Soellner

Thank you guys for such a great piece of software. Switching from Navicat to SequelPro btw :-)



Sequel Pro is absolutely amazing. Lightyears ahead of any DB app on any platform and a major reason why I only use MySQL on the Mac.

Keep up the great work!


I love this app! It’s really amazing that You offer great interface with nerdy features! Thank You very much!


MySQL SUCKS. Downloading anything from mysql site is a miracle. I am switching to PostgreSQL. If Sequel Pro is really pro, should also support more (and really Pro) Databases and not only toys (for amateur-webmasters) like mysql.


Little bug:
sometimes (and it seems to be random) when editing text fields and pressing OK it doesn’t save. Deliberately pressing enter and then backspace makes it work.


Hi Eugene – yes, there was a bug where if the length of the of the popup sheet never changed, it didn’t recognise a change ever occurred – as you mention, deleting and re-adding a character works around this, or adding a character and deleting it. Most often seen when editing a single character by selecting it first and replacing in-place…

Fixed for the next version!


I LOVE this product! Thank you very much for it. One thing that I feel is slightly off (others may not) is the ordering of the databases by name.

Again, thanks for the great product.


What’s the difference b/w tables with yellow and purple icons?

Again, great app indeed! :)

Stuart Connolly

Hi zo,

‘Tables’ with purple icons are actually views. Currently you can’t edit their structure, but support for this is planned.



Really useful app.

Mike Zriel

Amazing App! I could not believe it when I connect to mysql through ssh, how fantastic!


Peter Walsh

Sequel Pro is a fantastic upgrade from cocamyslq. You’ve done a marvelous job.

Thank you!


Fantastic app! Thanks for building it.

Do you plan to support public key authentication instead of interactive password for your SSH tunneling support?


Pete: indeed we do – 0.9.7 should do so, and 0.9.8 (see blog front page) makes the whole experience a bit smoother.

Patrick E.

Truly a great tool. I couldn’t have done the work I need to using a Mac without this. It’s loads better than the gui I had been using on Windows and Linux. My only wish would be for stored procedure create/edit support but that’s not a show stopper. Thanks, I recommend Sequel Pro to everyone I work with.

Zeeshan Ahmad

When is the next version coming?


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